Monday, May 4, 2009

Teen Beat

Kids these days.

I look around and see a little Punky Brewster, a little Rainbow Brite, a little Anime, and a dash of Marilyn Manson. I must be getting older because I don't get it.
I remember when we tried to make ourselves pretty.
And yet, there is a bravery in this generation, a real desire to set themselves apart from all that has come before, to forge their own path and emerge with an identity that isn't recycled from their parents generations. Even the preppy kids that usually follow a predictable model are trying streaks of color in their hair, or piercing their nose, or wearing psychedelic tights. It's like London in the eighties, with less angst.
I was wondering what kinds of rooms these bright, music infested, pink haired, netted tight wearing, lollipop sucking teens want.

So I asked professional teenagers.

  • Paint...big splashes of color, reflecting their fashion choices. Accent walls of purple and red are the faves, followed by orange, pink, and yellow.
  • Gadgets...hd tvs, computers, hamburger phones, i pod docks, good sound systems. led lights in bathrooms and bedrooms. Anything kitchy and blinking. Lava lamps and beaded curtains still rate for some.
  • Glow in the dark stick ons.
  • Don't get rid of all their stuffed animals. They may seem to be growing up, but they stillw ant to hang on to the memories and comfort of a less confusing time.
  • Lots of pillows. teens and tweens spend a lot of time on the floor and they like to make little nests and perches.
  • I can see all you moms rolling your eyes...but this one topped the list. Black out curtains. Sleeping is a teens favorite past time. Be gone pesky sun!
  • Mini fridges. Ideally stocked with energy drinks.
  • Chinese Lanterns
  • Poster on the wall never go out of style...and no frames please...that's just lame.
  • Good mirrors for the girls(and some of the guys too)
  • I heard this again and again too. Don't try to get teens to organize like everyone else. They "hate" categories and labels. Give them storage with bins and baskets so they can group their stuff however they want or just toss it in. Be glad it's off the floor.
Respect your teens. They are people too. Strange people...but people with their own dislikes and likes. They need their rooms to be havens from the outside world. Places to figure things out, express themselves freely and rest up for another round of homework and gossip.

How it looks should be up to them as much as possible. Their rooms are the only places in the world they have any control....and if they don't make the bed...just chill.
They'll grow up eventually, and you might miss the crazy colorful people they were when they do


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