Monday, May 18, 2009


So many of the trends in interior decorating this year seem to be searching for our roots. Certainly nothing makes a house a home more than a firm grounding in tradition. In particular children's rooms and nurseries can benefit from the vibrancy and interest of ethnic inspired decor. And what better way to teach your children where they came from? Many parents of adopted children find great satisfaction in a room created around the child's culture. Hark back to their origins for inspiration.

The first in our series of genealogically correct interiors:

African Children's Rooms and nurseries

African inspired rooms offer a myriad of options. At Hygge we prefer a traditional approach rather than a cartoon safari room. The soothing muted green and gold palettes of the grasslands create a beautiful and calming nursery. Use bamboo accents and rich creams and browns too, as well as wheat, gray, green, and tawny golds. Add a splash of drama with a hand painted acacia tree behind the crib. Stand a tall stuffed giraffe in the corner for appeal and add a sisal rug and you have a nursery straight out of Africa. Toddlers, kids and teens love the vibrant colors that are common to the African continent. think of bustling markets full of jewel toned fruits and the handwoven fabrics of traditional clothing. Red, pumpkin, and saffron paint all work well with accents of blue, or black, or wood. A pillow or blanket made from Kente cloth or other woven materials adds drama. Accent with a fabric wall hangings, carved wooden animals, or a beaded curtain. Africa is a continent full of diverse and magical places. Research a bit to find an area you are drawn to and then explore the possibilities.

Handmade in Johannesburg, South Africa, as part of a job creation program that offers opportunities to local
craftswomen these felted wool stones with hand washable covers offer atmospheric seating and are great conversation pieces.

Petit Collage bamboo hand carved animal mobiles.

Colorful bags offer a clever way to put away toys and other kid paraphernalia. Handmade in Zambia and available from The Africa House.

Handwoven traditional Masai blanket from Aina Moja.

The beautiful traditional cloth of East Africa. Kente cloth pillows from Indigo Arts.

Children's story teller Eric Carle (of The Very Hungry Catapillar fame) has created this incredible kid's bedding. Available from many sources.

Stretched Fabric art from Avalisa evokes the African plains with her beautiful colorful animal prints.

We love these colorful prints by African artists with their scenes of daily life. From


Little Lady Cakes said...

Please contact me! I'm in love with those stones!!

How can I make them myself or how I can I buy them at an affordable rate??

So beautiful and simple!

nicolette said...

I saw a similar designs of the rock cushion. The texture in both cases is very realistic. You forgot to mention where they're available though.


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